Here at Love That Photo! we’re a versatile bunch & will photograph anyone or anything that you would like.
Lorna has been know to take photographs from aeroplanes & the roof of hotels when standing in front of her subject just won’t do the job.

We take great joy in photographing the many parts of people’s lives that deserve a good photo;
Pregnant mummies tummies,
New born babies
Growing kids – birthdays, smash cakes etc
School days
Weddings & Civil Partnerships
Family portraits – just because
Passport photos
Pets – preferably friendly ones
Other Milestones – weight loss, make overs, surgery results

We also take pleasure in photographing;
Portfolio images
Products for companies
Events – concerts, catwalks, sports games etc
Architecture – interior & exterior
Publicity photographs – which we’re happy to share with the press
Insurance photographs – items of value to be kept safe (jewellery, ornaments, antiques etc), personal injury, property damage
…and anything else you’d care to have us point a camera at!!

Get in touch with us by phone or using our contact page & we’ll do everything we can to accommodate you.

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